Everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants financial freedom. But we can’t there just by traveling the conventional path. The education we receive in school do not complete the building blocks in life that are necessary for us to live a successful life.

Hi, I am Leon. I am an entrepreneur and real estate investor. Growing up, I was taught to follow the path that everyone goes through. Study hard and do well in school and you will be successful. Unfortunately, I graduated right smack in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. My entrepreneurial venture failed. I came face to face with my first major failure in life.

I could have extinguished what was left of my entrepreneurial spirit and limped back to just getting a job. But I did not give up. I kept searching for the right opportunity. When I discovered real estate in Las Vegas was hitting bottom, I took the plunge¬†by moving across the country by myself to pursue my next entrepreneurial dream. I was scared. I had already failed once. But through my failures I have learned a lot of lessons. I was more prepared this time. At this junction, I could have taken the safe route and gone to business school. I had handed in my deposits. But I felt that tug. I said no. And I took the path that was extremely difficult but ultimately more rewarding. Through my journey, I learned a wealth of experiences that I would have never gotten by going to school. This blog is about exploring what schools don’t teach you: personal development, personal finance, and investing.

Where Should I Start Reading?

To understand who I am, it is the best to start from the beginning.

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Oh yeah by the way, I’ve started as an Airbnb host in Las Vegas.

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