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A Real Estate Investor in Las Vegas. Part Time Blogger. Living Life Full-time.

Real Estate Investor in Las Vegas Living Full Time

As a Real Estate Investor, Traveler, Food Lover, Knowledge Gatherer, and Loan Officer

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Hardworking Penguin [hahrd-wur-king peng-gwin]
1. real estate investor in Las Vegas; loan officer in Las Vegas
2. one who uses real estate as a mean to pursue other passions including but not limited to food, travel, personal finance, and other shenanigans

This website is about my journey as a real estate investor in Las Vegas and a loan officer in Las Vegas, or rather a quest, to live a more adventurous and fulfilling life as I navigate through a world that has so much to offer along with its challenges. Life can go by so fast. This has become a journal of sort as I try my best to reflect upon my experiences and my travails.

My belief is that education (and by education, I do not mean by going to school) is truly the most important component of any one’s life and one must continuously seek greater knowledge. I sincerely wish sharing things I learned along the way will inspire you to further educate yourself and further explore your ideas, dreams, and hopes. I did not become a good real estate investor in Las Vegas until I started getting myself educated.

Where Should I Start Reading?

1. Real Estate Investing – I am a real estate investor in Las Vegas after all. Real estate is what got me to start my quest to live a more adventurous life. Using creative real estate methods and rehabbing, I became a landlord focusing on getting passive income and aiming to retire early. But yes, I do also buy houses cash in Las Vegas. “Sell my house in Las Vegas?” Yes I can help you with that. I have other websites, like 702 Las Vegas Homes. I am also a real estate blogger for BiggerPockets. You can even hear my real estate podcast right here! I have also recently become a loan officer in Las Vegas so I can help investors and potential homeowners in getting financing and getting knowledge as to what to expect and what to do to qualify for a loan. You can see more details about my website here.

2. Traveling Tales – Traveling has allowed me to see and experience a whole new different world. Getting a new perspective, though sounds cliche, is key to fostering my creativity and openness to experiences. I love my road trips to places like Vancouver and Yellowstone Park and I also enjoy exploring historical stuff like the USS Arizona Memorial.

3. Financial Shenanigans – While not everyone is a finance major, but it is extremely important to understand how money works because factors like inflation, mortgages, and economic crisis play a significant role in your life. You will be better prepared the more you know.

4. Personal Finance and Others – An addition to the above part. A closer look at some of the finances that are more relevant in a micro aspect like figuring out when to retire and studying financial decisions of others.

5. Thoughts on Food – Who doesn’t love to eat? Here are some lessons on cooking and economic aspects of food. Restaurant recommendations are always around if you look hard for them.

6. I Read Them So You Don’t Have To – I read a lot of books. Sometimes certain books really impressed me like Atlas Shrugged and Thinking, Fast and Slow and I will tell you all about it so you don’t have to read it. Of course, you’ll have to suffer through my perspective on it.

7. Personal – Introspective writings that include my thoughts on entrepreneurship and traveling fatigue.

Hope you will enjoy them out. If you have any comments or questions you can send them to hardworkingpenguin@gmail.com.