Hardworking Penguin

An Investor, Entrepreneur, and Explorer of the Roads Less Traveled

Investor, Entrepreneur, Explorer of Roads Less Traveled

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Hardworking Penguin [hahrd-wur-king peng-gwin]
1. ventures to environments in which few dare to travel to gather knowledge few care to learn
2. invests as a mean to achieve freedom

My Investment Manifesto

Education is truly the most important component of my life and I must continuously seek greater knowledge. The education I seek is not the ones you can easily get in school. To truly understand the world I must act as an explorer who proactively searches for the truth despite obstacles and failures.

This is a journal of my experiences as I navigate the world to become a better investor, entrepreneur, and explorer of roads less traveled. I hope to share with you my story and my journey so that I hope one day you will, too, gain more knowledge of this world.

Where Should I Start Reading?

To understand who I am, it is the best to start from the beginning. I have separated my writing into three major categories, real estate investing, finance and economics, and personal writings.

Real Estate Investing – You can learn about some of my creative methods in real estate investing, my previous flip, and also what I think of the market.

Real Estate Rehab Project
Creative Real Estate
15-Yr Vs. 30-Yr Mortgage
BiggerPockets Contributing Articles
BiggerPockets Podcast
AOL Contributing Article 

Finance and Economics – I am an avid researcher of the past. One who studies the past will understand the present.

Fractional Reserve Banking System
A Story About Food, Inflation, and Travel
Investing on Growth: Facebook Vs. Real Estate

Personal – My thoughts and learnings which I believe apply in becoming a better investor.

Entrepreneurs Are a Different Breed
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
Early Retirement – What Does it Mean?